sábado, 2 de julio de 2005

LIVE 8 AID: El largo camino a la justicia

LONDON (July 2) - Bono effortlessly worked the crowd. Half a globe away, Bjork strutted the stage. Bill Gates was cheered like a rock star. And on the continent that inspired Saturday's unprecedented LIVE 8 extravaganza, Nelson Mandela outshone them all.

From Johannesburg to Philadelphia, Berlin to Tokyo, Rome to Moscow, hundreds of the world's top musicians and more than 1 million of their fans gathered for a music marathon designed to pressure the world's most powerful leaders into fighting African poverty.
Bono. dressed in black and wearing his trademark wraparound shades, wrapped the crowd around his finger, enticing tens of thousands to sing along to the anthemic ''One'' and ''Beautiful Day.'' The crowd cheered when a flock of white doves was released overhead.

"Así que este es nuestro momento. Esta es nuestra hora. Esta es nuestra oportunidad de levantarnos por lo que es correcto", dijo Bono.
"No estamos buscando caridad, nosotros estamos buscando justicia. No podemos arreglar todos los problemas, pero aquellos que podemos, debemos."

Today is the day:

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